Your Questions / Our Answers

Parapente Annecy

Any Weight Limit ?

We can take persons up to 120kg , but persons over 90 kg will have to fly in the afternoon when the wind is stronger to make the take off easier.

What To Wear ?

Even if it is warm, in altitude it could be chilly, so we advice to wear trousers, long sleeve jacket (wind proof would be ideal), good shoes (no flip flop).

During the winter the normal ski gear will be fine.

Could I Have Fear Of Heights ?

No, to have fear of heights you need to be on the ground with a reference point to compare your high. When paragliding your reference is the sky line so you don’t fear anything.

Am I Taking Risk When Paragliding ?

The only risk taken is to get addicted!! No seriously we are making sure that we fly in the best conditions. The taking off and the landing are very smooth and we can adapt our flight techniques to what you expect from your flight. (acrobatic, view taking etc…)

Can I Take Pictures While Flying ?

Sure, as you are seated in front you have the best view to take pictures and even videos.
Just make sure that they are well secured.

How Do We Take Off ?

To allow a good take off, as you are in front of the instructor you are expected to run for 5 or 10m to build a little speed.
During winter, as you are on skis, it is smoother, as you just have to slide along.
Which allows us to welcome people with physical problems that we can’t take during summer.

Do We Need A Special Insurance ?

No, Aeroslide has a civil flight insurance.

Will I Be Sick ?

During winter there is no risk as we are not going up and down but just down due to the lack of ascendant wind.
In summer that could happen if you are subject to car sickness for example.
But if you let us know before, we will make sure to give you a smooth ride.

Which Kind Of Flight Should I Choose First ?

If it is your first flight we recommand the discovery flight.
Afterward of course we will suggest to treat yourself to a longer one, to really enjoy yourself.

Why Is The Winter Flight Shorter Than The Summer One ?

In winter there is no thermic activity so we can’t catch ascendant air which will change from spring time when the temperature gets warmer.It will then allow us to fly as long as we want.