Vol Planeur Annecy Prestige

Glider flight ulm Prestige

1h15 flight : 250 €
Same + photos videos on a SD card : 280 €

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  • The glider appointments take place from April to October.
  • Albertville Airfield (73 Savoie)
  • 1h15 flight in a single frame, often with favorable aerological conditions.40 minutes de vol environ dans un cadre unique, avec souvent des conditions aérologiques favorables.
  • Every day, depending on weather. It is necessary to program your flight (making an appointment on our flight schedule 3 weeks before at least).
    With an instructor pilot, you will discover your glider, its instruments, the installation on board, the parachute, and the first rudiments of the piloting.
    The takeoff is done by means of a motor (motor-glider, class ulm), which allows us to reach a height of 400 m / ground, the engine is then stored in its fuselage. This altitude will allow us to hang the favorable aerology to achieve our flight in glider mode only. Let’s go for 30-40mn or 1h10 of sliding on the slopes, surf above the different peaks.
    At the end of the flight your instructor will release the landing gear, he will make radio contact with the control tower, announcing your approach and put it down smoothly on the ground. Congratulations, you will receive a baptismal certificate with your first and last names.